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A big part of willpower is having something to aspire to, something to live for. ~Mark Shuttleworth

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Open Group Chat

Open Group Chat Preview

What does it do?

Open Group Chat is a NodeJS project using the latest web technologies to provide fast open collaboration and privacy.

Chat between PCs openly. Nothing is logged anywhere. Ever.

Technologies used:

  • Node.js
    • ExpressJS
    • Socket.IO
  • Bootstrap 3
  • AngularJS

OpenShift Developer Spotlight

Open Group Chat can be found in RedHat's Application Gallery on OpenShift's website where you can check out the cool apps the OpenShift Community is building.

A long time fan of RedHat - OpenShift is just amazing.

Find the short interview in my developer profile on OpenShift's website.


If you are keen to get your hands dirty, or you just want to see the source. Submit a pull request or clone the repo from GitHub.

Join in

Please feel free to start a chat with me or meet someone new. >> Go to: Open Group Chat.

Password Protected

If you would like to have a private conversation, password protected rooms can be created. Only visitors to Open Group Chat with the password can view and participate in these rooms.


Open Group Chat Preview

Open A Private Room

If you are a known Open Group Chat user you may earn the ability to create your own rooms, public or private, at any time.
Alternatively you can email a request with the room name and password (if required) and the room will be created for you by an app manager.

If the room is created by you or for you, management over users will possible using your own account. A room has an owner, and admin privledges.

Room Owner

A room owner has the ability to promote room members to admin level, change the room password, and kick members temporarily (if it is public they can re-join, or if it is private and they know the current password they may re-join).

Room owners cannot promote any member to a room owner privledges, this ability is reserved for app managers only.

Room Admin

Like a moderator, a room admin can kick members only.

Changing or Creating Room Passwords

The app manager or room owner privledged members may at any time create or change the room password. All room members will be required to enter the new password the next time they join the room.

Changing a Room Name

Only the app managers can change the display name of a room, and require acceptable cause to grant a request.

About Me


Hi, My name is Christopher D. Langton.

Wow, a whole page just about me!

Independent, analytical and wise, Chris tends to be wrapped up in his own thoughts, always trying to solve a riddle or problem. A designer of systems and things, he is best left to his own devices without being micro-managed.

Logical and intuitive, always underselling himself in person prefering to use demonstration instead of verbalisation.

Anything is possible with enough time and resources.

Taking confidence in his professional strengths, these great qualities are sure to benefit future employers, looking to make the 'right' career choices and accelerate his professional development.

If a free minute ever can be taken, he will not allow it to be wasted. Life is short, and there are far too many bleeding edge things to be learned with technology!

Passionate can't begin to describe my interest in technology and programming!

Chris enjoys linux, NodeJS, and PHP programming, but loves playing with his Raspberry Pi. Starting with a Model A he created a home made digital photo frame, then re-used the pie as network storage and FTP server. Moving onto the Model B he was excited to present his tech-iliterate wife a home media device complete with remote control doubling as a motion detection security camera that is accessible anytime anywhere. logo

What is it? is a tutorials website.

Featuring tips, guides, and code samples for PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
Occasionally I will blog on technology or gadget news, and Linux related reviews or guides.

If your passionate about programming then you'll enjoy your visit!

Technologies Used

  • PHP 5.3 OOP
    • Zend Framework.
    • Akismet spam prevention API integration.
    • Disqus API integration.
  • MySQL normalised database.
  • Bootstrap 2.
    • Responsive Layout.
  • HTML5 Social Media widgets.
  • Google prettify.

Own misc. JavaScript libraries.

Why remake the wheel (blog)

I have previously used WordPress and signed up for Blogger, but these services were either restrictive for my purposes or I felt i was lacking in creativity, inevitably I expressed my creative urges in both development and writing content.

Creating something unique, enjoying the journey.

For those who have known me through out the years, I enjoy reading fantasy novels and express this imagination through a novel i am writing myself. So it is no surprise to learn that I have always maintained a Blog.